These Daquan Memes Are So Wrong… But So Damn Funny

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07.07.14 49 Comments

Daquan Memes (19)

Kermit’s dead and Daquan memes are now the new thing.

Who is Daquan?!

Daquan is a young African-American male from the inner city who mainly dates good girl white chicks named Ashley or Becky. Her parents certainly don’t approve because aside from “graduating from the streets,” Daquan doesn’t do school. Daquan can usually be found “trappin’ out the bando” or laying tracks in the studio, which is usually paid for by his girlfriend who steals the money from her father.

Yes, the Daquan meme is stereotypical as sh*t, and if you’re racially sensitive, you will feel some of way about it. But we can’t help but laugh when the stereotypes are paired up with stock images that hilariously drive the point home.

Check some of these funny Daquan memes.

Daquan Memes (3)

Daquan Memes (4)

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