Watch Dave Chappelle Predict The Future Of Video Camera Abuse In 1993 Stand-Up

02.24.16 2 years ago

Dave Chappelle has always been ahead of the curve, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear the comedy icon talking about how he once wanted video cameras around him to help catch police brutality, all the way back in 1993.

After explaining how a friend earned a half-million dollar settlement for being beat up on camera, Dave says “That’s why me and my buddy always carry a camcorder with us, because you never know when a Kodak moment might pop up.” Then, he acts out a joke about cueing up the camera before purposely pissing of cops.

His take is kind of prophetic considering we see clips of police brutality almost monthly and many departments are now mandated to have body cameras for instances like the one the comedian makes up, it’s wild to consider how the hypothetical jokes in this vintage clip from a Just For Laughs event is now a daily reality.

With video cameras attached to our hip, nothing goes unnoticed and if a crooked cop acts sideways, bystanders with a battery will jump at the chance to put them on blast and stand up for their brethren. On the flip side, people legitimately egg on police and people in general, just to get a rise out of them and videotape the consequences – whether for YouTube views, monetary settlements, or weird personal pleasure.

No matter the content, readily accessible video has taken confrontations to new levels, especially with police. To hear Dave making jokes about the issue over twenty years ago and now see that laughable mindset prevalent should speak volumes about where we’re at as a society.

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