HBO Is Back In The Chase…

03.18.09 9 years ago 16 Comments

Photo: Timothy White/HBO

After almost a year of being upstaged as the mecca of original series, HBO is planning to bring out a bazooka to counteract the pistol progressive programming from Showtime and basic cable.

Their weapon of choice?

Who else but Sopranos developer, David Chase, you gagootz!

No, fans will not be treated to a reunion of HBO’s former first family, or anything with mafia ties at all actually. Instead, the Emmy-Award-winner will write and serve as executive-producer to a new mini-series called, A Ribbon Of Dreams. According to the Los Angeles Times, the period piece will focus on the roots of cinema and evolution of Hollywood as we know it.

“A Ribbon of Dreams” will tell the story of two men with disparate backgrounds who get their start in motion pictures working for director D.W. Griffith. The men — one a college-educated mechanical engineer and the other a cowboy with a violent past — ultimately work with the likes of John Ford, Bette Davis and Billy Wilder as they rise through the nascent film industry.

Flight Of The Conchords, Big Love and Eastbound & Down all have their moments, but an HBO project from Chase, the man who helped HBO the reinvent modern television as we know it, could truly help restore the network to it’s proper spot atop the pecking order.

‘Sopranos’ Creator David Chase Returns to HBO with Miniseries On Early Hollywood [LA Times]

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