David D. Discusses Ultimate Warrior’s Legacy With Nancy Grace, Diamond Dallas Page

04.10.14 4 years ago 33 Comments

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It’s not every day that you wake up with a chance to hop on the phone with a true-to-life idol. Or to hear yourself broadcast across national TV either. Our David D. did both yesterday as he was called on to speak with TV host Nancy Grace and Diamond Dallas Page about the untimely passing of Ultimate Warrior.

I know for a fact Wednesday morning started off like any other day around the e-office because the biggest excitement for David early was when he won the diaper lotto at CVS. Then, from around 9AM CST on, his day kept rolling downhill as first emails came, then phone calls, too until he was actually on the phone sharing his thoughts as a wrestling authority on the debate show.

Since Grace’s show is geared toward debate and contention, she does try to steer the conversation into a darker space, essentially asserting that Warrior’s past steroid and drug usage factored into his death. Even as a casual fan, I think that’s an inaccurate picture to paint since he hasn’t wrestled or even been on the public scene in well over a decade. Furthermore, WWE is the one sport that has since taken a well-documented hard line on substance abuse with their Wellness Policy and other mandates.

Before pressing play, do remember that Grace sensationalizes the news. As questions regarding the circumstances of his passing swirl, many fans aren’t concerned with how he passed as much as they’re grieving over his passing, especially after his entry in the hall of fame and the RAW appearance. His return to the spotlight now seems brief, but almost serene since it rekindles perfect memories.

As David describes to Grace, “Ultimate Warrior…was a real-life superhero. He’d run to the ring, he had his tassels and his paint and he basically captured everybody’s imagination.” And Warrior still did that up until his very end.

Anyway, take a minute and listen to DDP and DD talk shop. Skip to the 4:35 point to hear D’s words.

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