Day Two: Nike World Basketball Festival aka The Day Kobe Came

08.15.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

OED and I spoke via Twitter yesterday morning and I mentioned to him that words aren’t going to rightly capture all of the activity buzzin’ around NYC and Nike’s WBF. Not even pics will convey the full effect, but I’m going to start sorting through the hundreds I’ve taken in order to help tell the story. But there’s just this nagging time factor that won’t allow for me to sit for very long and chop up a full recap.

Just know that today Kobe stepped into the Rucker. He didn’t ball or field questions from the media. Instead, he spent his time there helping to lead a community-based Chainlink Fundamentals Clinic, sponsored by Converse. Make no mistake about his intentions — Kobe walked onto the court and immediately started correcting defensive stances, leading drills and advising on shooting form. Nice and completely hands-on. Yesterday, I think the teens and adults were amazed when Jordan stopped through but I didn’t get a sense that the kids had a full grasp on who he was. However every young set of eyes in the park lit up in complete reverence for Kobe.

This was all bright & early this morn after a late night spent @ the Apollo for the premiere of Air Force 1: Anatomy Of An Urban Legend, a sneaker documentary directed by Thibaut de Longeville. Today’s agenda calls for the grand finale – games between the national teams, held at the legendary Madison Square Garden.

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