It’s Time To Debunk The Myth Of The Tim Tebow Comeback

01.04.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

ESPN lost its visage of an objective journalistic entity years ago, finally jumping the shark when it pretended to be reporting breaking news on the LeBron James decision while simultaneously making back room deals to air a “Decision” special. But this Tim Tebow bullsh*t has gone too far. Things got worse a few days ago when I saw a commercial for a Marvel Comics-drawn Tim Tebow cartoon that ESPN has been running. Apparently, as part of some cross-platform synergy (Marvel Comics and ESPN are owned by Disney), the network aired some semi-inspirational short film praising Tebow and his “comebacks.” Just don’t be surprised when Disney buys the rights to the Tim Tebow 2011-half season and makes it an overblown drama.

All of the Tebow histrionics led me to delve deeper in the myth of his fourth quarter and overtime “game-winning” drives. Let’s get these numbers together.

Week 7 vs. Miami Dolphins: Overtime win – 4 plays for 2 yards, 52 yard field goal. Final score, 18 – 15

Week 11 vs. New York Jets: 4th quarter win – 12 play for 95 yards. Final Score, 17 – 13

Week 12 vs. San Diego Chargers: – Overtime win – 6 plays for 40 yards (24-yard run by Willis McGahee), 37-yard field goal. Final score, 16 – 13

Week 13 vs. Minnesota Vikings: 4th Quarter Win – 6 plays for 10 yards (4 runs by Lance Ball, Tebow kneels for -2 yards). Final score, 35 – 32

Week 14 vs. Chicago Bears: – OT Win – 9 plays for 33 yards, 52-yard field goal. Final score, 13 – 10

Also, technically, if you want to add the Raiders game to the mix, the last three scores came from a 60-yard McGahee run, an 85-yard punt return and a 24-yard McGahee touchdown respectively.

I did a little number crunching on these game-winning “drives” and learned the average starting position of his game-winning drives was at his own 49-yard line, which is essentially mid-field, and he averaged 36 yards for his game-winning drives. And that includes his one legitimate game-winning drive of 95 yards against the Jets. But, ESPN and Disney aren’t going to tell us that information when Ryan Gosling is getting a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the quarterback that wins games and cures autism.

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