Dee-1 – Free Lunch And Sallie Mae Mixtape

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Dee-1 Free Lunch Sallie Mae

Free Lunch and Sallie Mae marks another step in the artistic evolution of Dee-1. It’s an interesting concept for a project.

For one, the tape is intensely thought-provoking in its sermons. Attending college is a far more difficult choice for children brought up in lower income families; an already intimidating burden made even scarier with the reality being higher education is one of the fastest rising costs in America. The question is always thrown around: “Is the extra financial burden with the better salary four years from now better, or should I start working now and help support myself and my parents?”

Personally, FLASM hits home on many different fronts. Simply put, not attending college was never an option. My parents struggled to afford higher education for themselves. Consequentially, it was something they ensured both my younger brother and myself would be able to have without a second thought. It was laid out the moment I began learning my ABCs and it’s an opportunity I took for granted. However, that option isn’t afforded to everyone and it was only after the fact that I was able to appreciate just how lucky I had it made.

And while I remember some kids being jealous of those who received the daily subsidized lunch, it all flipped after high school as the Sallie Mae students would be the ones who often times harbored resentment at those financially independent of student loans.

On the heels of all the teachings in Free Lunch And Sallie Mae, former educator Mr. David Augustine delivers several pounding reminders of his own journey and struggle to this point. Best of all, he knows he’s come a long way, but the quest isn’t over yet.

The path to his major label release continues with Free Lunch and Sallie Mae

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