Denny’s To Retake Title Of Bum Headquarters This Tuesday…

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If you weren’t stuck in a Stuper Bowl haze last year, you might remember Denny’s did the unthinkable and and ran advertisements for free Grand Slam breakfasts for one-day only, which – of course – were so successful the chain of family restaurants decided give the promo another go.

Since we’re all digging through lint these days, I’m sure more than a few of us will see past the hassle and go out of our way to get this mediocre meal for $free.99. But, for those of you that actually think things through, I’ve taken the liberty to Yelp up a few actual customer reactions from last year’s egg-n-toast extravaganza to showcase the chaos you’ll have in store.

After hopping into the line at the Beach Street location, I found myself one of the last few to get in before cut off. Wait time was 30 outside with a quick turnaround, then 18 for the meal itself. Two urine-scented homeless got the boot along with their garbage bags, and a violent drunk was tossed. He cursed out the entire line with racial slurs, then challenged an old lady to a fight! Charming!

Actually, the weekday grand slam is only $4!!! Not really worth waiting to save $4. The Denny’s in San Mateo showed a lot of class by serving fresh pancake balls (like huge donut holes) and coffee to those waiting outside. The line never got larger than about 20 people. I heard on the morning news that some idiot got a $300 ticket for parking in front of a water hydrant! How stupid is that???

I went to the one in Campbell. They initially refused to serve us if we didnt order drinks. I was not having it and the waiter relented after “going to get the manager.” When I left the only other people drinking water were these old chinese women so I feel im at a pretty elite level of dirtbagness.

Paris Winslow of San Francisco said he was standing in line because he couldn’t find work anymore. His last job, he said, was holding signs on street corners advertising going-out-of-business sales, but all those businesses have gone out of business, and now a free plate of bacon and eggs looks pretty good.

“The economy is getting kind of scary,” Winslow said. “This line looks like those pictures of soup kitchen lines during the Depression.”

All around him stood hungry people with dogs, hungry people pushing supermarket carts, hungry people with blankets and hungry people with open-toed shoes that hadn’t originally come that way.

I’m wary of the type of meat and eggs they’d be willing to give away for free.

Very wary.

Um…McDonald’s still has sausage biscuits for a buck, right?

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