So Dez Bryant Got Detained Because Of A Scuffle With Lil Wayne?

01.18.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

“LIV on Sunday, King of Diamonds Monday, Swagger just dumb, Call it Kelly Bundy…”

These Young Money guys and their ties with sports just won’t stop. First, Drake chopped down Serena which pissed Common off. Then, he claimed Vanessa Bryant failed to log hours in the gym which caused Kobe to go on one of his high profile scoring streaks. Now, allegedly, Weezy was the “famous rapper” (ok, his “camp”) Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant damn near came to blows with down in Miami. With everything still up being deciphered through a cloud of smoke, let’s break down the facts.

What We Know

— Dez was in Miami for MLK weekend.

— Dez was detained my Miami police after “a bit of a melee outside LIV that night with a drunk patron striking a security guard.”

— Dez’s name was nowhere to be found in the official paper work.

— The Cowboys missed the playoffs.

— And it’s all Terrance Newman’s fault.

What’s Floating Around, “According To Anonymous Sources”

— Lil Wayne was involved in the tussle with Dez. Okay, maybe Weezy’s weed carriers and bodyguards.

— According to Dallas Morning News, someone mocked Bryant for his “subpar season and a mounting personal debt crisis.”

It’s probably a good thing Dez never got a chance to put his hands on Wayne because the outcome would have resembled something like putting a poodle into a cage with a pit bull. That’s not short changing Wayne’s skill with the hands, but Dez is not only a football player. He’s crazier than wearing a Huey Newton t-shirt to a Klan meeting. Chances are we’ll never know the real story, not that it actually matters in the first place. But if Wayne happens to drop a Dez Bryant or Dallas Cowboys reference in an upcoming song, that wil be all the confirmation we need.

In more serious matters, however, hey Jerry, how’s about cleaning up that secondary this offseason?

Cred: MTV, PFT

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