DJ Khaled Finally Explained Who ‘They’ Are To Ellen DeGeneres

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DJ Khaled has made quite the name for himself recently. The Snapchat extraordinaire was making the media rounds again this week when he stopped by Ellen to talk to Ellen DeGeneres about all things Khaled.

To kick off the interivew, Ellen asked Khaled what he does, and his response was a glorious, long-winded, self-aggrandizing answer that involved Khaled dubbing himself “the hip-hop Quincy Jones.” No really, that’s exactly what he said:

Well, you know, I’m a music mogul, I’m a producer, I’m a DJ, I’m an executive, I’m a CEO and I’m an artist. I put anthems out every year for the last ten years. I put some of the biggest anthems out, No. 1 records like “I’m on One,” “All I Do Is Win.” You know what I’m saying? The list goes on. “Hold You Down.” I’ve done records with Jay Z, by the way. Jay Z is my manager now. I am like the hip-hop Quincy Jones, but I’m a CEO, too. I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a young mogul. I’m blessed.

Ellen, who was genuinely smitten with Khaled, asked the question on everybody’s mind: “Who is ‘they’?” That also drew an even more long-winded and complicated answer from Khaled:

Please, Ellen, stay away from them. Stay away from them. They is the person that told you you would never have the Ellen Show. They is that one person in the room when you get a raise, and that one person in the corner is like, “Man, I hate that person.” They is the people that dont believe in you, that say that you wont succeed. So, we stay away from they.

All in all, it was a fun six-minute interview that ended with Ellen handing out some gifts and Khaled whipping out his phone and adding another video to his Snapchat story.

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