DMX’s Attorney Denies Claims The Rapper Robbed A Man At A Gas Station

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04.07.15 5 Comments

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DMX says don’t believe the hype regarding those Easter robbery allegations levied against him. According to the L.A. Times, X’s lawyer says the incident has been reported incorrectly and it was nothing more than a rap star being accosted by fans, not the other way around.

Originally, the victim claimed he approached Dark Man X at a Newark, New Jersey gas station as a fan happy to meet a famous rapper. For some unexplained reason, he claims DMX’s crew pulled guns and X ultimately snatched $3,200 from the unidentified 21-year-old.

DMX’s attorney contends that’s not how the scene played out at all.

“Murray Richman, DMX’s longtime New York-based attorney, told the Los Angeles Times that the rapper and his entourage had simply stopped for gas when four men approached them, claiming to be fans.

“‘He was coming from a show, and he was accosted by these young men to take pictures. He took pictures, and they offered him drugs … he said no … he left,'” Richman told The Times. ‘There was videotape of this material.’

“Richman laughed at the idea that his client, who had just been paid for a performance at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, would rob someone.

“‘Do you really think for a moment he’s going to hold up two people at a gas station?’ he said.”

According to the report, the police are investigated the matter. They have confirmed the rapper was at the scene and video surveillance footage is being reviewed.

To be fair, the initial report did seem fishy, even for X. He’s a former crackhead and everybody knows they’re wildly unpredictable. He’s had his run-ins with the law, too, but robbing a would-be fan doesn’t seem characteristic of him at all.

(via LAT)

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