We May Have Almost Lost DMX Last Night

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<> on December 5, 2015 in Miami Beach, Florida.

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In what could have been the end to an already deeply tragic story, DMX was found unresponsive in a Yonkers hotel parking lot after police responded to a call about an unconscious male. When the cops arrived, X is reported to have not been breathing and the first responders could not register a pulse. Thankfully, these officers were able to administer CPR and the Ruff Ryders emcee regained consciousness after a minute, according to TMZ.

The report indicates that a witness at the scene told the police that they saw X ingest a powder before falling unconscious. The police also reportedly gave X a drug used to combat the effects of a drug overdoses. DMX was taken to a nearby hospital we he remains in stable condition. X denies having taken any drugs and says that all he remembers is having shortness of breath before blacking out.

DMX’s history with drugs has been well-documented at this point, but he and his family continue to deny that it played a role in this latest health setback, for the dog citing his long history with asthma as the culprit. Whatever the cause, let’s hope that DMX can get back on track from both a health and a personal perspective and live a long and fruitful live going forward with or without music.

Update: DMX has been released from the hospital and resting, according to a statement his attorney gave the AP. Swizz Beatz appears to also had contact with X since he tweeted “”He’s good and in great spirits.”

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