The iPod Shuffle – Dom Kennedy’s “When You See Love”

06.01.14 4 years ago 18 Comments

“Good people goin’ great places
It don’t happen overnight
Sh*t, it take patience…”

Love or hate Dom Kennedy, the quoted line sticks to the ribs for the majority of us chasing dreams and pursuing passions.

As the outro from 2011’s The Original Dom Kennedy, “When You See Love” remains quite the unique nugget from his catalog. It’s Dom near the apex of his relaxed flow peak blessed with a therapeutic backdrop and heavenly hook.

Get Home Safely didn’t present the level of replay value as initially expected (speaking only for myself). Not to come off pushy or inconsiderate either because crafting good music takes time, but another TODK-like project for the summer wouldn’t be bad look whatsoever.*

* – I’m almost 99.9998% sure Dom is tired of the “summer rapper” label. For that, my apologies. His music does sound damn great during the summer months though. A niche is a niche. Not every rapper finds theirs.

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