“Don’t Bet On Me. I’m A Longshot…”

12.28.08 9 years ago 14 Comments

There’s always something special about achieving something after facing doubt or adversity. If for some strange reason, everything has come easy for you it’d be hard to explain, but the gratification that comes along with success makes the accomplishment that much better. From personal experience I know these instances are what build character and change the direction of one’s life.

Colin Munroe’s “Piano Lessons” off his Colin Munroe Is The Unsung Hero mixtape exemplifies this mindset perfectly. The premise of the song is simple: dude quits his piano lessons and is told he’ll never amount to nothing. In the end he overcomes despite shunning the conventional path. Sonically, Black Milk adds a Tronic touch to a backdrop that otherwise would lie somewhere in the realm of Coldplay. Munroe’s voice is similar to Adam Levine’s in tone, but in a lower register and more gravity that meshes well with the harder Hip-Hop bassline. Joell Ortiz adds the icing on the cake with a verse on the end to cap the song. If you haven’t heard the mixtape yet, this song will give you a good idea of what he & his music are about.

Colin Munro Feat. Joell Ortiz – Piano Lessons

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