Doo Doo Brown: 5 Traumatizing Songs About Defecation

04.26.11 7 years ago 21 Comments

I spent the last weekend knee-deep in sh*t. Literally. There were some plumbing problems in the David D. household, and I had to stand in and handle a seemingly endless onslaught of doodie for two days straight. At one point, I had to dig a hose covered in crap out of a pipe coming out of my roof. It was real in the field.
I handled it all like a man, until I tried to listen to my iPod and found myself openly weeping when I heard certain songs. It turns out that my sh*t-handling caused a sever case of post-traumatic stress. Here are five songs I can’t listen to anymore after Sh*t Gate 2K11.

Yelawolf Feat. Trae The Truth – “Sh*t I’ve Seen” — The hook personified my feelings about digging through the trudge: “The shit I’ve seen/ has changed me/ what used to be strange to me/ just ain’t strange to me no more”. When I was ducking buckets of sewage, I felt those words more than I’d felt any rap song before in my life.

Rittz Feat. Yelawolf and Big K.R.I.T. – “Full Of Sh*t” — Yes, the abode was indeed full of fecal matter. We were literally plunging away seven years of caca. My soul now indeed has more dirt than a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck).

D-12 – “Sh*t Can Happen” — I don’t think Em had a verse on this song, so it was easily skipped every time I listened to Devil’s Night. All I can remember is the hook and it plays over and over in my head like Poe’s raven.
By the way, someone should make a mix of this album with just Em’s verses. Thanks.

Every Lil Wayne Song Ever — I mean, really. Dude relates everything to doo doo. It’s like he stands over the toilet after he deuces and writes down what he sees. He can sh*t all day and he’s talking sh*t out of his booty hole and he’s sh*tting out money. He must have had a similar plumbing fiasco to the one I had to experience.

Wu-Tang Clan – “Older Gods” — Peculiar choice? At first glance it is, then you get to the end of the first verse and hear Ghost’s words: “I sh*tted on ya hood/ I sh*tted on ya hooooood.” His poo wail makes a grown man weep.

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