TSS Presents DJ Burn One – The Ashtray

07.12.11 7 years ago 54 Comments

While the rapper is the face of the Hip-Hop, the producer remains the behind-the-scenes driving force, the puppet master if you will. DJ Burn One has been a catalyst for not just the songs, but the musical career paths of artists like Freddie Gibbs, Pill, YelaWolf and Gucci Mane. So naturally, when it came time to return the favor, they’d all be on his own album, right?

I’m sure they would, but The Ashtray is a compilation based solely around the work of Burn and his Five Points Music Group. Burn could have gone the DJ Khaled route and littered his songs with randomly strung verses from equally random rappers, but the producer wanted “people to fall in love with our music first and then we can build from there.” Heavily influenced by the Blues, the album’s “Country Rap Tunes” speak for themselves with instrumentation rather than words. The soft guitars, smooth basslines and dynamic synths are a complete standalone by their own merit. Burn considers The Ashtray to be about “taking risks and not just going along with the status quo” and showing other musicians “they don’t have to make ‘BMF Part 7000’ to be accepted as a producer.”

Burn’s idea to give out a downloadable collection of his dopest beats is admittedly unconventional. “Many of my industry peers told me not to put out beats for free because it’s a waste,” he explained. “But this is something I felt was right from the moment I formed the 5 Points production crew with Ricky Fontaine, Walt Live & The Professor.”

There’s so much more we could say praising Burn and Five Points, but we’re all here for the same purpose – the music. For those who know Burn’s track record, sit back, listen and relax while you watch everyone else trying to claim their spots on the ever-filling bandwagon. For those who aren’t yet familiar, we welcome you to The Ashtray.

DownloadThe Smoking Section Presents DJ Burn One – The Ashtray

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