hasHBrown Feat. John Dew & Hip-Phonix – “Weed Vs. Alcohol”

10.19.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

You wanna know what’s really missing in a lot of these collabos these days? Organic chemistry. Artists that sound like they actually mapped out a gameplan for the track’s course of action opposed to hastily fulfilling their vocal requirements to complete a song. If such practices sound like a thing of the past, hasHBrown and his band of ruffians got the main idea locked, keyed and mastered with “Weed Vs. Alcohol.” The type of clever interaction throughout harks back the days when De La ran the BK Lounge with comedic flair. Hip-Hop still has some sort of consciousness and hasH taps into the cerebellum with this one.

Be on the lookout when hasHBrown elects himself Rap Mayor for his next campaign. He’s poised to Goldie Wilson the game.


Download — hasHBrown Feat. John Dew & Hip-Phonix – “Weed Vs. Alcohol” (Prod. by Jett I. Masstyr & CJ)

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