Jagged Edge – Love Potion: The Remedy Mixtape

04.22.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

The music world needs more (dope) groups. None of that gimmicky, “hey-let’s-do-an-album-together-that-we-probably-won’t-ever-release” nonsense either (speaking of, anyone heard from Watch The Throne?). I’m talking about the group of individuals who knew each other when all they had was $100 and a demo tape to their names. Take Jagged Edge for instance.

With Dru Hill probably still arguing somewhere and 112 on the side of a milk carton, it’s great to hear one of the staple groups from my teenage years is returning with a new album. The Remedy hits shelves June 21. Prior to that, the group unleashes Love Potion: The Remedy Mixtape parading hits from yesteryear as well as snippets to new records which sound promising. For me, the entire tape is a classic case of nostalgia. With songs like “He Can’t Love You,” “Let’s Get Married” and “Walked Outta Heaven,” it’s a blessing I made it out of high school with no kids. And to think, I managed to do it without the use of a Catfax.

Download Jagged Edge – Love Potion: The Remedy Mixtape | Alt. Link

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