No I.D. Presents Cocaine 80’s: The Pursuit EP

06.22.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

Here we are in the second full day of summer and the surprises have already begun. No I.D. quietly continues his 2011 MVP campaign with the release of Cocaine 80’s: The Pursuit EP. Directed by the man himself, the cryptic project features vocals from Steve Wyreman, Rob Kinelski, Kevin Randolph, James Fauntleroy, Makeba and, last but not least, Common. Other than that, eskay, Andrew and myself do not have much information for you.

Then again, at this point, I’m not asking for much either. This is almost comparable to going to class only to find out it’s cancelled. You don’t investigate why. You just simply turn around and go enjoy the rest of your day. And that is exactly what you should invest in once this project is in your clutches. The outcome was already decided before the download finished based on the parties involved, but actually hearing the music first hand? Consider it a perfect soundtrack for those lazy summer evenings. Throw this on and let it create the memories for you.

1. Nameless
2. Summer Madness
3. To Tell You The Truth
4. Get You Some
5. Not No More
6. Nothing
7. Anywhere But Here

Cocaine 80’s – “Anywhere But Here”

Download No I.D. Presents Cocaine 80’s: The Pursuit EP

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