Outasight – Figure 8 EP

04.26.11 7 years ago

Well isn’t this a pleasant little surprise. New York’s dopest crooner/rapper is back with another unexpected EP, Figure 8. It seems like every time Outasight drops another project, his superstardom reaches new heights and his sound is more polished.

The latest is epic, soundtrack music that seeps into your brain to the point that you’re out washing your car or mowing the lawn to your own personal hummed rendition of Outasight’s music. Yes, it annoys your friends and loved ones, but dammit you’re having fun so who cares.

I actually had the pleasure of seeing Sight and 6th Sense rock a few shows at SXSW and they were worthy of all of the hype – even though they wouldn’t perform a personal favorite, “Everyone Gets Laid”, despite my endless pestering – as Outasight’s voice isn’t studio-created. Jigga once said he was the new Sinatra, but he may have some competition from the kid with the Bob Saget swag and the ill lyrics. Outasight is one of those people that has “superstar” written all over him and it’s only a matter of time before projects like Figure 8 have the game in a figure four.

As a bonus, here are the visuals to another standout track, “So What”.

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