STS – The Illustrious LP

08.23.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

Up onto this point, STS has by far exceeded the expectations for a hungry rapper. He’s given you his nonfiction story on the uncut tip and even wrestled with an Alabama bear to give you the full range of his character. The Illustrious is the full scope of an emcee who turned his unique vocal talents into something that transfixes listeners to give their undivided attention. Featuring production from SupaHotBeats, Alchemist, Emile mixed in with appearances from Fonzworth Bentley, Nikkiya and the aforementioned Yelawolf, get like STS and become Illustrious.

Hip-Hop is better for it.

Download — STS – The Illustrious LP

Via STSisGold

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