Sulaiman – “I’m Gone”

12.29.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

The rappers with the most persistance are the ones that deserve a shot to be heard. Bubbling under the radar (obviously due to MC overpopulation), Sulaiman represents Chicago as well as a dedication to Hip-Hop, producing lyrics and beats with the same amount of intensity.

Judging from the track “I’m Gone” which is set to appear on his fourth mixtape Black Ribbon, Hard Work!, the youthful spitta is set to make the project his breakout opus. An all-purpose cut on many accounts, the track could easily slide into the DJ’s club mix as well as the local radio station’s set list.

Chi-town! What’s going on now?


Download — Sulaiman – “I’m Gone” (Produced By Chaise Marcel)

And for further listening, check out Sulaiman Is TheNativeSoul Mixtape, which is essentially songs that didn’t make Black Ribbon, Hard Work!.

For more information on Sulaiman, you can let him direct you on his Twitter page.

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