Wiz Khalifa – “Know Your Name”

10.15.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

Being humble becomes more and more difficult once dreams begin to become realities.

As 2011 creeps upon the horizon, the young man from “The Steel City,” who essentially built his buzz from the same ground he harvests his weed, is only going to evolve into a bigger and bigger player in Hip-Hop. This equates to more money, more tours and more opportunities. Coincidentally, it also means distancing himself further and further away from the life he once lived. And, regardless of what some may say, coming up is never a bad thing. As long being humble remains apart of the repertoire.

Who knows where this new track “Know Your Name” resonates from. It could be old, it could be something from a recent recording session. Either way, the records shows a Wiz who is still in awe of the success, yet appreciative at the same time. Not exactly the marijuana anthem one would expect, but the record makes sense. All this money and fame is supporting that heavy habit of his.

I’ve never been famous or grossly successful, for that matter. The best I heard from those that are? Just live in the moment.

[audio:https://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/wiz-khalifa-know-your-name.mp3|titles=wiz khalifa – Know Your Name]

Download — Wiz Khalifa – “Know Your Name”

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