‘Draft Day’ Looks Like A Very Sporty Movie

12.24.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

draft day movie trailer

We knew this was happening, right? Like, it was inevitable that Draft Day got bankrolled. Inevitable.

But, man… sometimes you think that ridiculous things are so far in the distance, and then you get a 2-minute trailer to remind you that, yes, this will be something that you can spend money on in four months.

Kevin Costner stars in the story about the downtrodden Cleveland Browns* trying to use the NFL Draft to escape their perpetual bottom-feeding nature. The ESPN and NFL logos shine, bright as ever, we catch glimpses of pristine training facilities and front offices, a bad-ass, my-way-or-the-highway coach played by Dennis Leary (coming from FREEDOM-LOVIN’, AMERICAN, DALLAS COWBOYS COUNTRY, no less) doesn’t play by the rules to the point where he actually lights super-important paperwork on fire to prove a point. Old ladies learn about their sports through Twitter because old ladies love Twitter. Chris Berman finds himself shocked about the audacity of Costner’s draftin’ tendencies. Jennifer Lawrence (owww!) and P. Diddy (oww.) also have roles. It’s really just a smoothy of glitz, glamor and tired sports movie stereotypes. Lots and lots of tired sports movie stereotypes.

Which means that we could be in store for a great unintentional comedies when the movie premiers April 11. Go Browns!

* — Is there any other adjective?

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