Drake Reigns Supreme Over His Foes

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Drake is the king of petty. We’re talking T-Swift plus at least three snake emojis levels of cattiness. Regina George and the rest of the Mean Girls have nothing on how admiringly low the OVO MC will go in order to snub his opponents and, in some cases, completely obliterate them.

After closing out the final Summer Sixteen show of his four-night stand in NYC, Drake decided to celebrate, but not just with anyone. No, that wouldn’t be petty enough for Drake. He decided to party and take a pic with none other than Charlamagne Tha God while the two posed with oversized bottles of what else but the biggest bottles of champagne whatever club they were in could offer. The snapshot captures both in a fit of laughter or perhaps a celebratory moment captioned “Pretty much sums it up.”

It really does.

Drake effectively used his stay at Madison Square Garden to diss:

1. Hot 97 and perhaps Ebro, too, if you we’re looking to separate him out due to the Eminem rumors he got going.

2. Radio DJ Funk Flex, who got served not once, but twice during the four nights.

3. Indirectly, Meek Mill, whose name almost always will end up with mud flung on it when Drake decides to take shots at anyone of his foes. Just look at the pic with Charlamagne and tell me “Back to Back” doesn’t start playing in your head.

In short, Drake went to the media capital of the world and in the backyard of a few of the aforementioned and dumped on them. And there really wasn’t much they could do about it. Flex tried to return fire at Drake but didn’t really connect. Not because his newest allegations didn’t have merit, but because Drake spoke first and did it so loudly that even the biggest bombs the Power 105 DJ delivered we nearly muted.

Initially, Ebro and Rosenberg half-hardheartedly tried to defend themselves on air and did an okay job. But, they were too quick to concede, knowing what we all know to be true: right now, Drake’s the king of pop so they’ll reluctantly be spinning his records. By Tuesday morning, they’d all but bowed down and kissed Champagne Papi’s ring, running down his accolades on air.

Drake and his braintrust have consistently shown that they the cheat code for new media in all its different forms. They used social media and herd mentality to best Meek Mill. Then, they went right back to fans to crowdsource the promo for Views, placing the album at the top of the charts since its April release. When it comes to Drake, OVO knows exactly what to do to get fans and media on their side and they’re not afraid to use this knowledge in times of war.

For the past four nights, they’ve used MSG as their platform to inform the world that Drake’s bigger, better and independent of one of the largest rap radio stations in the country. He neatly packaged soundbytes that fans rushed to share on social media knowing with the OVO camp knowing full well his foes would take the bait. They did or at least various Hot 97 employees did.

This time around, Meek gave his Twitter fingers a rest because maybe he realized what the others haven’t yet: Drake is the Regina George of this rap shit and he will win wars by any means.

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