Drake Does The #IceBucketChallenge, Calls Out Beyonce

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08.18.14 28 Comments
drake ice bucket challenge


I was skeptical of the ice bucket challenge. The premise is you either take the challenge and pour a bucket of ice water over your head, or you make a donation, and seemingly everybody was choosing the former making this the 2014 version of planking.

Turns out the ALS Association has received $13.3 million dollars in donations since July 29th when the first challenge video was uploaded. This is me now eating crow.

My favorite part of the challenge videos is not the reaction, because everybody’s is pretty much the same, “OMG that ice and water is cold,” as if there is another option. Well except Colin Kaepernick, because he don’t get cold. Nope, my favorite part is when they call out the people they challenge because it lets you know exactly what they think of themselves and who their peers are. LeBron called out the f***in POTUS because LeBron is LeBron and feels Barry O is his buddy I guess. Who does Drake challenge? Beyonce, aka Beysus Christ Our Royal Highness because Drake dreams big.

Drake is following in the footsteps of his YMCMB boss and tourmate Lil Wayne who had one of the more icier and ballsy challenges last week on Weezy Wednesday.

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