It Sure Looks Like Kanye And Drake Have Been Working On New Music Together

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As this week’s G.O.O.D. Friday bleeds into G.O.O.D. Saturday and G.O.O.D. WheneverKanyeFinishesTheSongAndDropsIt, Kanye West continues to use Twitter to leave a breadcrumb trail for fans wondering what he has in store for them next, and that just might be a Drake feature. Despite the mutual admiration – and probably because of a short but petty feud, it’s been quite some time since the duo worked on a track together, dating all the way back to “Forever” with Lil Wayne and Eminem and Kanye’s production credits on Thank Me Later.

Now may be the perfect time since Kanye’s dropping Swish on February 11th and all the industry whispers and speculation pointing towards a February release from Drake’s Views From The 6 as well. A wee bit of Internet sleuthing and Internet conjecture points to that collaboration either going down currently or maybe already having taken place.

The first clue came earlier in the week, when Drake posted a pic of his uncle Larry Graham’s One In A Million You album.

Few more parties in LA.

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Innocent enough right? Drake giving a wink and a nod to Kanye for sampling the elder Graham on “No More Parties In LA” with Kendrick Lamar. Well, yeah, until you look at these tweets from Kanye Friday night.

Again, innocent enough on the surface, until you look closely for a second. You see, that price tag in the upper right hand corner of Kanye’s record is the same and in the same place on the record that Drake posted. Now, they could’ve bought the album in the same store or something, sure. But upon closer inspection the numbers on the tag match as well as minor blemishes on the left side of the sleeve as well.

So yes, it appears that Drake and Kanye were at least in the same studio this week and it’s all enough to get the Wee-Bey face and the thinking man emoji.


Where that song or those songs they made ends up is anybody’s guess, but we can all hope it’s on the next GOOD Friday when it drops on Tuesday or whatever.

Anyway, here’s “Uncle Larry’s” original below for everyone to listen to and enjoy.

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