Drake Reignited His Passive-Aggressive Beef With Kendrick Lamar Last Night

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07.24.14 67 Comments

J. Cole and Drake have always been intertwined, both breaking through in 2009 with The Warm Up and So Far Gone so it’s no surprise that Cole brought Drizzy on stage as a surprise guest during his LA stop of his “Dollar & A Dream” tour. What’s also no surprise is that Drake took the opportunity to send a shot at a very famous rapper who calls LA his home.

“There’s only two kings in this shit right now, and they standing on this stage.”

Maybe that was a not-so-subtle shot at Kendrick Lamar — on a stage in his hometown — or maybe not. It could have just been a huge show of respect for Cole, but knowing how passive aggressive Drake and K.Dot have been towards each other since “Control” it’s probably the former.

Cole would do a second show later last night and bring out the man he dubbed “King” Kendrick to rock his hometown crowd, and Dot ripped through his rendition of “Backseat Freestyle” with nary a return shot. It’s possible Kendrick had no clue what Drake said a few hours earlier. However, even if he did, it’s not really Kendrick’s style to respond in that manner either way.

If Drake keeps this up, don’t be surprised if you hear his name in a song or two on Kendrick’s forthcoming sophomore release. Knowing these two though, don’t be surprised if they end up on each other’s albums either.

“0 to 100” and “Worst Behavior”

“Backseat Freestyle”

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