“I Never Cried When Pac Died”

10.15.09 8 years ago 84 Comments

“But I Probably Will When Hov Does.” — Drake on “Fear

Hip-Hop police is up in arms again. Drizzy Drake is being charged with falsifying love for the culture based on his lack of appreciation of its roots. Well, really, his crime was not crying when Pac died. For whatever reason, that seems to be offending people to the point where the man has to stoop to justifying himself on MTV.

For my .02, anyone that criticized Drake for not shedding tears when Pac moved to Cuba died is a hypocrite. Probably the same bunch of people who picked on Lupe when he forgot four bars from ATCQ. Quit frontin’ like real Hip-Hop heads all cry in unison harmonizing “Hail Mary” every September 13th or that you’ve memorized every classic ever.

We aren’t meant to be perfect, but we do have to show some respect. Lupe didn’t lack it initially and then he acted like he didn’t care about ATCQ and earned the hate. But Drake? Maaaan, that boy ain’t did nothin’ but say somethin’ stupid and apologize for it.

Where’s the crime in that?

Drake Insists He’s Not Dissing Tupac On ‘Fear’ [MTV]

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