Tracklistings: Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Doris’

07.12.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

earl-sweatshirt-doris album cover

Once upon a time, Earl Sweatshirt was rap’s version of Animal Chin. Complex outted him and since then the focus has sort of shifted to whether all of the attention was warranted or if it was another clever play by the OFWGKTA collective. I know David’s a fan to some degree but I’m still waiting on Earl to show a spark, no, a beaming light to prove that he’s the lyrical messiah he was once touted to be.

I guess we’ll find out on August 20 when Earl’s Doris hits the block. Reportedly, Tyler and Om’Mas Keith are behind parts of the production and those are good signs.


1. “Pre”
2. “Burgandy”
3. “20 Wave Caps”
4. “Sunday”
5. “Hive”
6. “Chum”
7. “Sasquatch”
8. “Centurion”
9. “523″
10. “Uncle Al”
11. “Guild”
12. “Molasses”
13. “Whoa”
14. “Hoarse”
15. “Knight”

H/T: Rap-Up

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