Earl Sweatshirt As Joe Budden And Joe Budden

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
04.06.14 25 Comments

If it were Joey, I’d say he’s lost considerable weight. But, it isn’t Budden. It’s Earl Sweatshirt doing a dead-on impersonation of Love & Hip-Hop’s Joe Budden – we’re talking the beard, the ginaroumous head, the nasty jean vest thing and comes eerily close to nailing the voice – for this Loiter Squad promo clip.

Years ago, Earl might have to worry about a quick-draw rebuttal in rhymes from Budden. These days, not so much since Mouse has turned his attention to…pretty much everything besides rapping. Dah well.

The rest of the OFWGKTA make appearances here as well as Season 3 of Loiter Squad premieres May 15th on Adult Swim.

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