Let This Student Explain Electronegativity To You By Using Trey Songz As A Reference

03.07.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

Teachers who try to make learning fun are the real MVP, just like Ms. Chery who encourages her students to think outside the box and color outside the lines.

The chemistry teacher Instagrammed an exam where she asked her students to explain electronegativity for some extra points. Rather than giving the boring, textbook definition of the chemical property, one student used Trey Songz and his penchant for “stealing” women from their significant others to break electronegativity down in layman’s terms.

“You see Trey has no chill, he’s a killer, a savage,” the student accurately writes. “He steals other men’s girls without any remorse. Electronegativity is a concept with a lot of Trey-like behavior.” And what behavior is that? Stealing, adding, “It’s the ability for an atom to take another atom’s electron. With fluorine being the OG Trey Songz because it has the highest electronegativity out of all the elements. Straight stealing them.”

Straight. Stealing. Them.

That was almost as amazing as D’Angelo explaining chess to Wallace and Bodie by using street corner activities and participants as metaphors for better understanding. Aaaand that’s your Wire reference for the day.

The teacher, Daphne Chery, works at a charter school and says what her clever student did is exactly what she encourages students to do in order to get a difficult subject like chemistry.

“I try to encourage my students to think of associations from their lives that would help them understand the concepts they are learning better.” Adding to the Instagram post, “I’m able to really come up with fun activities and lesson plans that will help them like chemistry more. But this answer is by far the most creative one! And it is hilarious!” So cool.

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