Emilio Rojas – “Close To Me” Video

12.21.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Emilio Rojas may harbor a lot of tenacity on the mic, but he has no “Shame” in his game when it comes to snuggling with his honey bunches of oats. That is, until the woman that he messed with unprotected, texted him saying “she wished she would have kept it” and the one he’s laying next to, looked over and read it. Where do you think his head is now?

Alas, the rapping romeo hasn’t found a dilemma he can’t spit his way out of and this lover’s quarrel is no different. Fellas put one fist in the air if you ever won the game of Jedi Mind Tricks with a broad before. Emilio Rojas for pimp president! You have no real feelings sir. You’re living without shame, playa.

Download — Emilio Rojas – Life Without Shame

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