Here’s Jesse Pinkm…err…Eminem Eminem-ing During The Michigan-Notre Dame Game Last Night

09.08.13 4 years ago 23 Comments

Eminem joined Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit in the booth for the Notre Dame-Michigan halftime show on Saturday night. What transpired during the live ESPN telecast was the kind of awkward sh*t you’d expect from someone who raps about raping his own mom.

There to premiere a sneak peek of the “Berzerk” video, the segment opened up with a bleach blonde Em mouth-breathing and weirdly staring off into space as Brent introduces him. Soon after the introduction, the “Bezerk” preview plays and we’re back in the booth to watch Eminem channel his best Jesse Pinkman impression while Brent begins asking questions. After missing the initial question due to his zoned out state, Em admits that live TV “freaks him out a little bit.”

During the short interview, we don’t learn jack sh*t about the rapper’s Marshall Mathers LP 2 album aside from it being a “revisit” to The Marshall Mathers LP. Whew! Glad that’s been cleared up! I’m sure we were all wondering what that weird “2” was all about, right?

Check out the interview below if you’re into awkward TV moments. Plus the preview of the “Berzerk” video which premieres Monday, September 9th.

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