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Anishya Sue Reyes

Evelyn Lozada Files For Divorce From Chad Johnson After 41 Days [C+D]

Stic.man Responds To Claims That He Was A Ghostwriter For Nas [HHW]

Meek Mill Explains Why He Pushed His Album Back [The Box-Houston]

20 Best Jokes From Roseanne’s Comedy Central Roast [Warming Glow]

7 Things Rappers Will Say/Do Leading Up To Their New Album Release [Broken Cool]

11 Rejected 2 Chainz Album Cover Photos [The Urban Daily]

Janelle Monáe Named Newest Covergirl [Vibe]

Usher and Tameka Raymond Return to Court for Child Custody Hearing [GOT]

My American Dream Sounds Like The White Stripes [NPR]

Things I Don’t Care About In My Relationship [VSB]

Australian Cigarettes Get Plain Wrapper [CNN]

iPhone Prices Drop Everywhere Before New iPhone Launch [Gizmodo]

F-bomb Makes It Into Mainstream Dictionary [Yahoo]

How to Stop Snoozing and Get Yourself Out of Bed [Lifehacker]

The ZabKab App Ensures Cabs Will Come Straight to You [Trend Hunter]

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