Event: Wale’s Attention Deficit Tour @ Bar Fly’s, Nashville

04.14.09 9 years ago 14 Comments

At this point, I’ve seen live performances by the majority of XXL’s 10 Freshman. The only remaining one that I’ve yet to see is actually the first one that we predicted would be a musical noisemaker a couple of years ago. Coming full circle, I’ll be going to check out Wale on Saturday as his Attention Deficit tour makes its way through Nashville.

I’ve been doing my scanning online & the show has been getting completely favorable reviews, even drawing comparisons to the Roots in terms of energy because Wale’s hitting the stage with the legendary Go-Go band UCB. Add in Colin Munroe, of The Unsung Hero fame, and I expect to get all the bang available for a recessionary $10.

And while I’m not expecting a Roots-type performance, I do think it will be entertaining. With this current crop of emcees, they’ve learned early where their bread & butter is. Since the days of fat contracts seem to be over, these cats have picked up that money is in getting on stage, rocking crowds. Adding in live instrumentation takes some of the pressure off, all eyes are still on the master of ceremonies.

If you’re in Nashville, check the flyer below. Wale will be doing an in-store appearance @ Phat Kaps on Saturday afternoon.

If you’re looking for information on other Attention Deficient tour stops, click here. Go through & support when it hits your corner of the map.

Bonus — Video footage of earlier show stops, courtesy of JB.

Part One — Colin Munroe performing “Will I Stay,” and a montage of hits from the DC ambassador.

Part Two — Wale recording his verse for the new Chester French mixtape, Jacques Jams Vol. 1: Endurance, more behind-the-scenes from the tour bus, and two exclusive jams from the stop in Portland, Maine.

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