A Rapper Masterfully Trolled His Fans With A Fake Future And They Had No Idea

02.21.16 2 years ago 16 Comments

Sorry to the 2,000 people who came out to Emo’s in Austin for Cali rapper SuperDuperKyle’s set. That dude that was introduced as Future, jumping around to Future’s “Commas” while wearing the Future hat and sporting Future locs wasn’t actually Future. He was an imposter, a phony, a fake.

“I coordinated the fake Future appearance,” tweeted Brick after fans thought they had witnessed Fewtch at Kyle’s show. “Bruh, the whole place went so stupid when we brought out Future, trolled 2000 people at once hahahaha.”

You didn’t even have to be there to be fooled by the up-close video of Fake Future doing his best impersonation of the EVOL rapper. It wasn’t until Fake Future got backstage and removed his hat, glasses and wondered, “Who is Future?,” was it revealed that it was someone other than everyone’s favorite lean-sippin singer. Those brilliant bastards.

Fake Future played his part really well, though, right down to the lean cup, which apparently came from a restaurant. “His lean cup was like a oversized 36 ounce styrofoam horchata double cup from a Mexican restaurant hahahaha,” the rapper revealed. SuperDuperKyle also confirmed the prank and crowned himself a master troll for pulling it off, tweeting, “And the troll of the year award goes to me.” Well deserved.

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