“Fat White Bitch” Throws Tomato At Lupe Fiasco On Stage

11.26.13 4 years ago 45 Comments

Fan in Salt Lake City throws tomato at Lupe Fiasco something something. Read about the incident here.

Knee-jerk responses:

1. Who takes a tomato to a concert? The fuck were they going to do, pull out a knife and salt shaker and eat that shit during a break between sets?

2. I don’t know the circumstances but I’m really not all that mad at Loopy for this one. If somebody comes to my job and throws a tomato at me, damn right I’m leaving work that day…in handcuffs while being escorted off by security.

3. In college, we had a mini Burger King on campus where you could eat off your meal plan. One day, a worker wasn’t abiding by the company’s “have it your way” ideal and started going at it with my homeboy over how a sandwich was made. The argument didn’t get far before my boy reached across the counter and mushed his mayonnaise-filled Whopper all in the BK server’s face. ‘Swarefogawd it looked like buddy got ejaculated on by super sperm.

We were high as fuck that day. And we got escorted out of the food court…by security. I think I was guilty either by association or for laughing my ass off. Probably a mix of both.

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