Fetty Wap Says Kanye West Is Responsible For Drake Getting On ‘My Way’

06.05.15 3 years ago 11 Comments

Fetty Wap and his new set of dreads sat down with Ebro and Hot 97 to discuss a myriad of topics like his connection with Kanye, Drake hopping on his “My Way” song those new dreadlocks and more. On the topic of Drake and “My Way,” Fetty says that was all Kanye’s fault.

He says Kanye passed his info over to Drake, and Drizzy was very cordial about asking to get on the track.

“It was just way different, I wasn’t expecting that. The way (Drake) even asked me like, ’Yo, can I bless the track? Do I have your blessings for it? I’m reading this like, ’Is it him or somebody else talking for him?’ Next thing you know, he FaceTimed me like, ’Yo, I’m in the club. They bumpin’ it right now.’”

And on the topic of his new dreadlocks, Fetty says they’re real, he just didn’t grow them himself. Not only that, but his new, real dreads have caused him to make some of the best music of his life.

“They’re real dreads but I didn’t grow ’em. It’s a lady that I know from Newark. She didn’t give them to me, she cut her hair off. She was a powerful person to me and spoke a lot of positive things to me.

The funny thing about the whole thing is since I did it, the last 50 songs I recorded are some of the hottest songs I did, just from the good energy I’ve been getting.”

Fetty also talks about buying his mom a house recently, his favorite artist Gucci Mane, beating the one-hit-wonder label and more. Check out the entire interview above.

(H/T MTV, Via Hot 97)

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