First Look: NBA 2K12 “Greatest Trailer”

08.22.11 7 years ago 20 Comments

NBA 2K11 is easily one of the very best sports games to ever grace a gaming console. The realism was off the charts and the “Jordan Challenge” was a great addition. It’s got to be a daunting task to follow up the video game equivalent of Illmatic, but the Visual Concepts people are sure giving it a shot with NBA 2K12.

I figured they’d roll out some sort of version of the Jordan Challenge with other players – Bird and Magic judging from the covers – but I didn’t expect them to blow their load for the sequel. The trailer shows just about every notable team imaginable from Wilt’s Lakers to Hakeem’s Rockets. And tell me you didn’t get at least a little geeked when you saw Tim Hardaway leading the Warriors down the court. My only grip is the trailer didn’t feature Penny Hardaway with the high top and the Magic jersey, so we’ll see if he gets the nod.

As far as the trailer, it’s damn near epic. It’s so real they even sneak in Alonzo Mourning getting dunked on for authenticity. NBA 2K12 drops October 4th and it has humongous shoes to fill. But this two-minute clip makes me think it’ll fit those high tops quite nicely.

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