Floyd Mayweather Sr. Thinks 50 Cent Should Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.

08.29.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

Anyone familiar with Floyd Mayweather Jr. is well-aware he and his father, Floyd Sr., didn’t always have the greatest relationship in the world. In recent years, the two have reconciled and now it’s close to impossible without seeing Sr. alongside Jr. And despite whatever tension the two had, he’s still Junya’s pops and he’s sick and damn tired of former-friend 50 Cent popping off via Instagram basically saying his son couldn’t read a book if it came with an audio tape.

Floyd Sr. isn’t exactly Barack Obama in terms of oratory abilities – blame that on his own professional career – but he speaks clear as day to “The Vegas Take” on Fox Sports 670AM when saying, “50 Cent can’t read a mothaf*ckin thing!” He also went on to call Curtis a “playa hater,” a term which hasn’t been used since the days of Platinum Fubu and Steve Harvey hosting Showtime At The Apollo.

Yet, Big Floyd knows how to stop all the yapping of the gums from G-Unit’s HNIC: put Floyd Jr. and 50 in the ring at the same time and let nature take its course. “He weighs over 100 pounds more than Floyd. Let him go up against Floyd,” Sr. said. “Put that on video. Floyd would stop all that. Wouldn’t be no more said.”

In 50’s defense, he was an accomplished boxer in his youth, participating in the Junior Olympics back in the ’80s and a graduate of the famed Gleason’s Gym which also helped produce names like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Zab Judah. That being said, in a sanctioned boxing match with Floyd, Fif would probably get hit so hard and so fast he’d start wearing his fitted caps with the du-rag cape flapping and G-Unit wife beaters like it’s 2004 again.

Bonus: All this beef is not the way to start a holiday weekend. Let’s trek back in time to when Floyd Jr. and Curtis were BFF’s 4 Life.

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