Foxy Brown Breaks Down In Tears, Wants Haters To “Let Her Live”

Life Writer
08.15.13 14 Comments

Even with nearly 20 years in the game, it seems as if Foxy Brown’s skin still hasn’t toughened up against negative comments.

Most recently, the scuttlebutt’s been Foxy’s refusal to pay for a hideous ombre weave that was installed in her head. According to the hair stylist, Foxy owes her over $900 for both weave and installation. Well, all that gossiping caused Fox to break down during her sit down with Sway on MTV’s Rapfix Live on Wednesday.

With Big Daddy Kane by her side, Fox Boogie tearfully explained just how annoying the comments are. “When it’s just completely redundant, when it’s negative stuff being said constantly, it becomes annoying. It becomes tiring.” But don’t shed any of your own tears for Fox. The “last real b*tch alive” remains strong, stating that she has “a heart of a soldier” before emotionally pleading for haters to “let her live.”

The Ill Na Na rapper also addressed the rumor that she was scheduled to appear at Summer Jam with Fabolous and Lil Kim for a big modern-day Jay/Nas reconciliation. According to Fox, she was never scheduled to perform with her longtime rival. Though Fabolous had asked, Foxy says she didn’t feel it would’ve been genuine since she and Kim were (and still) still beefing. “The last time she and I were even in the same vicinity, there was a shootout. The last comments I ever remember hearing her make about me…she laughed at the fact that I lost my hearing.”

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