Fredro Starr On The Time Tupac And Brandy Saved His Life From Suge Knight

10.17.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

We’ve heard rappers call other rappers bitches. We’ve heard rappers call women bitches. We haven’t, however heard many rappers self-apply the term. Perhaps inspiring the Based God to form the Bitch Mob in later years, Onyx emcee and actor Fredro Starr recounts a tale of chance meeting with Tupac and Suge Knight, and how that meeting caused the “bitch to come out of [him].”

Now, in Fredro’s defense, this was Suge Knight in his intimidating prime, long before an encounter with a west coast barber changed the world’s perception of the lineman sized music executive. In the mid ‘90s, Suge was still known for getting rappers out of contracts the Big Red way, and generally being the scariest man on the planet. Given the hyper masculine reputation of most rappers, it’s interesting to hear the mad face Queens rapper share a story with this much vulnerability and candor. Pac, Brandy, and Rhea Perlman all get name dropped in this classic tale, one well worth the six and half minute run time.

Some notable quotables:

“I felt this nigga’s energy. When he put his arm around me, I felt like a force. Like… muthaf*ckin… like the devil had a nigga or some shit.”

“Yo the bitch came outta me, son. I ain’t gon front. The bitch came right outta me. Nigga tail went right under the leg.”

“When I looked at ‘Pac, the nigga looked at me like sayin’… ‘nah nigga. Hell no, nigga. You don’t want to come over here. Niggas is gettin’ it bad over here.'”

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