Fresh Daily – “Thanx” Video

07.23.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Fresh Daily has proven himself to be two things: a weird dude and a dope rapper. The video for “Thanx”, a single off of new project Mothership/Land provides another point of evidence. The premise centers around Fresh meeting his grandparents for the first time. Let’s just say things get post-racial.

Regardless the family reunion provides a chuckle without distracting from the main event, the music. Continuing the themes of last year’s release The Gorgeous Killer… Fresh opts for a cartoonish electric beat that provides a perfect chaser for his off the cuff lyrics. While the subject of the track’s chorus is a thank you to all supporters, the verses provide ample tongue-twisting punchlines and showcase his formidable lyrical abilities. So sit back, do whatever it is you do to get your mind in a creative state and enjoy the Fresh.

Mothership/Land drops August 3rd.

Via DDot

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