“Friends In Low Places…”

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11.18.08 83 Comments

Ever wondered how we got here?

On November 16, 2003, I was drunk.

That didn’t make sense? Let me try again.

On November 16, 2003, I was drunk.

I had a pretty ugly car accident. Knocked around another car. Cracked my head open. 40+ staples. Blood. Concussion. Incoherent like a motherfucker…but just coherent enough to raise so much hell that the ER doctor let me walk out of the hospital with nobody there to be held accountable for me.

I went to Juan’s, rested.

On November 17, 2003, I got drunk again. Some tequila. I don’t drink tequila. I don’t drink clear liquor. But it was the only thing she had in her house. Since I couldn’t leave, I drank tequila.

Now, the two to three months previous to November 16th were dramatic & hectic. The short version? Blackouts. Arguments & altercations. I had a steady who, after I told her pops “You ain’t shit and I’ll kick yo motherfuckin ass” as I pointed my finger in his face… well, she wasn’t my steady no more. A couple of wrecked vehicles. My mom crackin me upside the held with a glass (it was an accident.) An OJ type “pursuit” on a city street (don’t ask.) Spending a few nights here & there in holding cells & drunk tanks. Once, with a mink on.

AsideGotty™, why the fuck you have a mink? It don’t get that cold down there. Hey! I bought it when I was drunk. Don’t get me started on the matching Mauri’s with mink lining the collars.

After years & years of abusing substances, I was pretty hellbent on destruction. Self-destruction. That’s fine with me because I never intended to be around for long & I’ve always been pretty goal-oriented. The bad part was that I was draggin’ a lot of people down the path with me.

Then on November 18, 2003 a culmination of everything & the support of fam & friends helped me to see the light.

And I haven’t had a drink since.

Not a drink. Not a puff. Not a toot. Nada.

That may sound somewhat odd (or maybe easy depending on who you are.) But me being who I am, there’s never an in between. There was no “Whoa, I got a little tipsy last night.” It was always “Goddamn…who flipped over the refrigerator, where’s my car & why is she here?” Daily. It’s either all or nothing. I do/did something, it was balls to the wall, rock out with your cock out.

You’ve heard this part of the story before, right?

Good, we’ll keep it moving.

Once I stopped drinking, Lord knows, I needed something to keep me occupied, somewhere to focus my energy. I’d been online with the shoe thing. Loved the nature of the online beast. I gravitated towards my other love thing – music.

A few months of sobriety. The email list, “you should make it bigger; maybe a website” yadda ya, badda bing badda boom. Voilà. Almost 7 million motherfuckers later, here we are.

I’m far from “recovered” because as the medical terminology goes, once you’re an addict, you’re always an addict. I believe that. Have you noticed how my addict tendencies have trickled in my buying tendencies or how rapidly & often we update?

I do admit that my life is much more orderly these days. Normal. I go to bed @ a decent hour. Set aside time for family. Don’t curse out waitresses or valets. I got people now. People who have little recognition of who I once was. The violence & outbursts. The cowboy always into something. The hustler who might go MIA for a few days, leaving people worried & sleepless.

And I still got people who did know me then. Knew me when I wasn’t shit. In fact, I was more akin to the shit stain on the tissue that should have been flushed. But they didn’t and for that I’m appreciative. There are still wounds but I we work to mend them.

So in my own arrogant honor, I propose a toast.

Pour yourself a shot. Twist one up. Roll that dollar bill up.

Have a blast in honor of your folk.

I can’t join you in the physical. But I’ll be right there with you, in a moment of my own happiness.

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