The Game Finally Agreed To Fight Stitches, But Only Under Two Conditions

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12.16.15 19 Comments

The recent beef between Game and Stitches could possibly come to an end soon, courtesy of The Game’s recent decision. In an Instagram post shared Tuesday night, the Compton rapper finally agreed to give Stitches the fight he’s been begging for, a rematch of sorts for the Miami knockout whose video went viral. But, Game’s only doing so under certain conditions: Primarily, Stitches can’t snitch.

Jayceon’s wrote: “I’ll fly you 1st class to California & @NickyDsss will f*ck yo bum ass up #WhiteboyVSWhiteboy !!!!” If Stitches survives the preliminary match-up, Game says he’s willing to go head-up with the Miami miscreant. “I will fight yo pussy ass for FREE in the middle of the street after you sign a waver that you can’t sue me or press charges cause I’m tired of you pussy’s talkin tough on the internet then calling the cops & gettin lawyers after you get pounded out.” [sic]

The offer isn’t the best one for Stitches, but he’s the only one who really seems interested in continuing the beef. He and his fans have been relentlessly harassing Game on social media, and he allegedly signed a contract for a celebrity boxing match between the two. However, a street fight is loads different from a fight contained to a ring with a referee and rules. In recent weeks, Stitches has gone 0-for-2, suffering the aforementioned knockout at the hands of Game’s manager and also getting jumped by his homies a few days later.

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