Gather Around And Listen To The Rock And Slick Rick’s 2001 Rap Duet About Pie

12.11.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

As great as the WWE DVD documentaries have been over the last couple of years, they still lack a certain charm that the old WWF cassettes had. The old movies had some pretty cool fourth-wall and kayfabe breaking going on that were great to watch. A couple of days ago I ended up watching The Rock’s Just Bring It! flick and stumbled upon a video montage that I’d somehow never seen before.

Back in the height of the WWE fame the company would put out albums where musicians would create their own interpretations of wrestler entrance themes. And sometimes wrestlers would participate. In this instance, Slick Rick put together a song for The Rock. And The Rock rapped it. And it was unbelievable.

As a bonus, Jim Johnston – the WWE in-house producer who makes most entrance themes – shows up. Simply put, he’s a f*cking gem and a cot damn American relic. Periodically, WWE chooses to highlight him for his contributions and they’re never not hilarious as he talks about how Mozart’s “Requiem” and Beowulf inspired him to make the Ultimate Warrior’s single-strum theme song. So his appearance is just icing on the cake.

But really you came here to see the Rock rap a song about him written by Slick Rick. So we’ve got the making of segment (starts at the 2:00 mark) and the song itself. Your day is made.

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