Gee Watts Does It For The Family, Not The ‘Grammys’

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02.17.16 2 Comments
gee watts grammys

Gee Watts

For every Kendrick who makes it to the musical mountaintop, there are thousands of other MCs who fight to have their voices heard. Also, for every Kendrick, there are thousands of other MCs who too place an emphasis on providing depth with their material. Gee Watts is one of those thousands and he’s positioning himself at the front of the pack with tracks like “Grammys.”

Watts’ pen has always bled realness and nothing’s changed. If anything, he’s only gotten sharper and more precise with his lyrical content and delivery. Over poignant production by Mike Hurst and Bam Keith, Gee breaks down how the desire to survive, not shine, drives him and so many others as they chase their down the clouds that represent their version of success.

“We was pushing grams out, now they pushing Grams out
Eviction notice, how this fixin’ to pan out?
N****s going through real shit
So excuse me when you say you countin’ bands
And a nigga like Gee just don’t feel shit
Trying to see how we gon’ make the wheel shift
Make shit right, n****s make songs just to glow up to
But we go through life every night”

“Grammys” is second release from CaviArt, the upcoming project whose title signifies “the duality of crac which kill our community and art (music sports fashion) which serves as our saving grace,” he explained via email. “The pain, the ugly of the crac era served as a platform for beauty…This music is a saving grace, whether it takes me to the Grammys or just a comfortable position to feed the family.”

With the focus and growth he’s shown, Gee’s got a good shot at his music making a way for him to accomplish his goals on the short and long-term.

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