“Good Weezy”

09.12.08 9 years ago 27 Comments

Words By David D.

I think we can all agree that Tha Carter III was not exactly what we were expecting. The lyrical expertise that we had experienced for years now had been replaced by the Aunt Jemima sippin’, autotune sangin’, wacked out Martian that the mainstream has been so fascinated with. Wayne was more concerned with creating a body of music that would sell a few million copies. For better or worse, he accomplished that goal. Unfortunately, the album lacked the “holy shit” moments that The Drought and Dedication series’ offered us. I was actually scared that the sizzurp had taken a toll and Wayne’s eccentric and sometimes wack rhymes (“I’m rare like Mr. Clean with hair”…shoot yourself) were to be the norm. Thank the lord almighty that a few of Wayne’s new tracks have surfaced and put a rest to my doubts. Though the lyrical monster may never see the light of day in retail, Wayne the MC still has some lyrical fire to hand us.

“Ransom” Feat. Drake

Wayne and new Young Money member from north of the border spit for five minutes straight over a beat that can only be described as “Milli-Lite” with the same snare throughout. Drake holds his own with lines like “I should have the most bragging right/ cuz a nigga spit crack, bag it tight.” Drake sets the pins up for Wayne to come through for two straight minutes of that Weezy we love/hate culminating in the fool rapping. The. Whole. Alphabet. It’s crazy, but name an MC that could pull it off without batting and eye and make it sound as fresh.

“Stunt Hard” Feat. Drake & Kid-Kid

This track is made pretty much of punchline couplets and it’s hard to mind one bit. Just the wrestling similes alone make the track:

“I ain’t stuntin these ho’s/ I been pimpin since Hulk Hogan was NWO”

“I’m wild, Drizzy tough and the Kid vicious/ Four Horsemen, we just need Sid Vicious”

There’s hardly any time to absorb each crazy line as a new metaphor comes your way by the time the listener has finished saying “cot damn.”

“American Dream” Feat. Mike Tyson

I’ll just fade out and let Mr. Mundy’s Crew Love response take over:

“Hip-hop’s crown Acid Prince comes back to sprinkle some angel dust and lean all over the game again. Flow’s on point (as per usual), Mike Tyson’s bloviating on the hook with the best of ‘em, the beat knocks, and there are at least three different lines that hop up out of the track and make hay. All. Over. Your. Face.

1. To start off the first round: ‘Hm, like motherfuck all y’all, Mr. Mike Tyson flow, uppercut all y’all / Step into my ring bitches, ding ding bitches! Click-clack pow-pow bing bing bitches!’

2. Middle round: ‘I’m a hold it down bitch, yeah the crown fit / The boy got a flow that you can drown in.’

3. The knockout punch (literally the last words he spits on the song): ‘Fuck pistols, we at your window with scud missiles / Young Carter, big nuts, and they hung farther than your father’s.’ (Laughs, followed by Mike Tyson soundbite). Wow?”

Wow indeed, sir. I know we’re gonna get the required “Wayne sucks” and “Wayne is the G.O.A.T.” comments for this one, but that’s not important and this is no endorsement of the latter argument. Let’s try to enjoy the music for it’s own merits and enjoy the fact that though Weezy has found his multi-platinum success, he’s still giving us freebies with the same hunger and consistency as he did a year or two ago.

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