Greg Oden’s Health Prohibits Him From Getting Knee Surgery

02.20.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Fairly or not, the career of Greg Oden has been nothing short of a nightmare. Known more so for a body that has failed him on repeated occasions, more bad news is in store for the former #1 overall draft pick. Per Ben Glover of, blood clots in Oden’s ankles are preventing him from undergoing surgery on his left knee. “The doctors in Colorado are addressing his blot clot and once that is complete Greg will have the surgery on his left knee,” said Blazers Acting GM, Chad Buchanan.

The former Ohio State Buckeye had surgery on his right knee two weeks ago. TC and I had a conversation a few weeks back about Oden and how to feel about a career that has only seen him suit up for 82 career games. My heart goes out to the guy because, while it is easy as all outdoors to lob insults at the guy (and I’ve thrown a few), witnessing a person unable to do what they love due to issues beyond their control is gut wrenching at times. TC, on the other hand, threw the “he’s rich card” and kept it moving.

Where Oden’s legacy heads from here remains unclear. Who even knows if he’ll be able to run aggressively, let alone play in the league. And pending he’s able to, his career will probably have to start from the bottom of the bottom with his only hopes being to impress a team who’ll take the risk and give him a shot. He’d be worth a league minimum risk, too, given the fact that when he’s had the opportunity to play, he has shown flashes of at least amounting to a defensive force with some offensive capabilities. Until his career ends and even there after though, the Sam Bowie comparisons will loom large and the fact Portland selected Greg (who had all the intangibles of amounting to a really good big man) ahead of Kevin Durant in 2007. Yet, my biggest disappointment with Greg revolves around the infamous “what-could’ve-been” black cloud hovering over the Portland franchise.

Not to revisit the department of redundancy, but ponder this for a moment. Basketball fans everywhere were cheated out of countless of Durant/Westbrook/Harden vs. Roy/Aldridge/Oden Western Conference Finals slugfests. That hurts.

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